Biblical Basis For Prenuptial Agreement

The reality is that when it comes to state-sanctioned marriages, each couple has a marital agreement. Even though a couple was not drafted professionally, they agreed to respect the conditions that the state “designed” for them. The development of a final agreement is not the creation of a matrimonial agreement, but simply the modification of a marriage agreement. A marital agreement assumes that there are two separated persons in the marriage and tries to protect the interests of each party. It presents marriage as a contract rather than an alliance. The Bible, on the other hand, is very clear: when two people get married, there are no longer two, but only one. Traditional and Christian marriage vows are another clue to the Christian view of marriage. The words “with all my worldly possessions that I have given” are essentially an obligation to share material goods unconditionally. A marital agreement weakens and waters down this wish. Thank you for accepting that the Bible does not require covenants to be written. As a result, your argument that a prenup is a biblical mandate is falling apart. This is one of the biggest problems I`ve had with this book.

I would suggest changing that in future spending. That is not what I am proposing. I am proposing an agreement that makes it clear that I am all involved. God wrote the Bible to make sure he`s all inside. Aren`t you glad he did it? I think it`s a gift and I`m comforted. My husband is comforted by my written statement that I am all in, and I am comforted by it. I don`t trust the document, but I love my husband all the more because he has to put everything he is and get up and take care of me mentally and physically. What the Bible says about marriage is a clear sign that marital agreements do not fit very well into the Christian vision of marriage.

A biblical marriage is an alliance in which two become flesh and commit themselves to love each other and to share unconditionally the centuries-old possessions until death. A marital agreement that involves divorce can only undermine that obligation. Sixth, there is trust in God. There`s trust in people. There is trust in the institutions. Only God will not break his trust. But marital agreement is always based on the idea that you can`t trust your spouse (or yourself). It leads to suspicion. My wife trusts me. She thinks I will make the vows I made almost 12 years ago. If I fail, she believes that the Holy Ghost entrusts me to sin and urges me to ask forgiveness. No legal document (because that is what a marriage agreement is) will ever trust them again.

A conjugal agreement to dissolve my responsibility as an “alliance” by definition transforms Confederation into an ordinary treaty. Its purpose will be more protection than commitment, no matter how much we hope otherwise.