Pub Tenancy Agreement

Since punch leases have a common responsibility for repairs, we want to help you manage your current repair obligations. We do this by creating a repair and maintenance fund for all new contracts. These funds are our estimate of your company`s core overheads. For more information, click here We call our rental model Partnership Plus (PP), and as part of these, we propose different types of agreements to meet the different needs and circumstances of our potential owners. Whatever your wishes, these agreements are designed to reward you for running a successful pub. Fuller`s 6-year contract is perfect for anyone looking for a longer-term partnership and for the enormous financial benefits and benefits of growing a strong business over time. This agreement is ideal for someone with strong food registration information and an interest in developing a catering business. Instead of buying fittings and fittings (inventory) according to outdated industry rental conditions, you would “buy” the business as an investment. The value of this investment would reflect the company`s potential revenues. If you are considering a temporary pub lease in England, Scotland and Wales, this fact sheet will help you assess the agreement you are considering and help you take notes on what you should ask for in an interview with your pub company representative. If you are considering a longer-term agreement, the full pre-entry training of Awareness (PEAT) must be carried out and this information is not a substitute for PEAT.

Whichever type of agreement you commit to, you can benefit from the Cash and Carry price payment for your drinks. Flow monitoring equipment: Your agreement can also give the pub company the right to install flow monitoring devices in the premises. This equipment measures the flow of beer from the basement to the delivery point and reports show how many pints of each product were distributed on each line. Companies use it to compare the quantities delivered with the quantities purchased on related products. Once an agreement has been reached, there is no “cooling phase.” So before any of us sign on the polka dot line, we`ll consider all the implications of the chosen agreement and make sure you`re aware of your responsibility and ours.