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Environment Control Systems of Morris, Inc. has been family owned and operated since 1978. Started by Jim Nordquist out of his home, ECS has been building hog barns and providing innovative solutions for nearly 40 years.

Jim’s extensive knowledge and familiarity comes from a lifelong immersion in the field of agriculture, growing up on a farm in eastern South Dakota and studying biological science at SDSU. He has owned and managed a large farrowing operation with multiple sites for over a decade, and is in partnership with a state of the art breeding operation amongst other projects. He knows first hand what does and does not work in hog production.

Mike Nordquist grew up helping at Environment Control Systems using speednet and has worked full time alongside his father since 1998. He is experienced in all aspects of building and servicing hog barn from permitting and design to installation and repairs. He is known as the answer guy and can assist you with everything from ventilation controls to general repairs.

Our service and installation crews are led by staff members who have 10-20 years experience with us. Biosecurity has been an increased focus throughout the industry and our staff have worked with veterinarians to understand the need for down time, sanitation, and off-site parking to prevent the spread of viral outbreaks.


In addition to building barns, we can also help remodel or make appropriate repairs along with providing service parts, ventilation programming. It’s all part of our comprehensive solutions to help make the lives of hog farmers in Minnesota the Dakotas better. To learn more about our hog farming solutions, contact, Environment Control Systems of Morris, Inc. at 320-589-3865 today.


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