Erin O`toole Paris Agreement

Conservative Party Chair Erin O`Toole said Canada, under her leadership, would stick to the goals of the Paris climate agreement. Readers of Raise the Hammer may wonder why they are bothering. The CPC does not seem to be concerned about climate change. However, the detailed revision of the O`Toole platform is a useful reminder of inoperative climate policy. The reasons for these defects also show why the CPC is “climateless.” There is no doubt that Canada could be at the forefront of low-emission technology and could benefit significantly economically from the development and use of these technologies. We do not know what that has to do with reducing Canadian emissions. When you think things are good as long as they are coupled, do something against this thing. Under my leadership, Canada will make a valuable impact on reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. “I`m committed to it… Erin O`Toole O`Toole`s platform highlights the potential of conservation initiatives, including incentives for landowners to protect landowners who play a crucial role in carbon capture. “I`m committed to it… It is by working with the provinces, not by an “Ottawa knows the best approach,” as we have seen with the carbon tax,” said O`Toole during his appearances in the CBC Power-Politics show.

“Ethical” consumers are unlikely to be deceived by the “environmental protection” discourse if Canada withdraws from the Paris Agreement or refuses to take seriously its obligations under the agreement. Ethical consumers might also think that the alternative to burning oil sold by authoritarian countries is not to burn it at all. “Yes, that would be our intention,” O`Toole told CBC Power-Politics anchor Vassy Kapelos when asked if a Conservative government would abide by the agreement. The agreement came into force on 4 November 2016 and was signed by 55 countries representing 55% of global emissions. Although the United States initially signed the agreement, it withdrew from the UN agreement on June 1, 2017. “The Conservatives will have a serious plan that is not a tax on families and businesses, that will reduce our emissions by working together, being strategic and taking it seriously, but not just through a tax mechanism,” said Mr. O`Toole. Canada signed the Paris Agreement on December 12, 2015. Under the agreement, Canada is required to reduce CO2 emissions in order to limit the increase in global temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Former Conservative Andrew Scheer is also embroered in the Paris climate agreement. “If we have broad consensus on canada`s direction and differences in greenhouse gas emissions, we will likely have a better and less costly environmental policy,” he said.

Good luck building this “brand,” especially under the leadership of the CPC, given Stephen Harper`s history of global negotiations and climate change agreements. Boessenkool referred to a Leger poll, sponsored by the non-profit organization Clean Prosperity, which said climate change was the main theme for swing voters in the 905s, if you consider the Conservative Party in the 2019 election. While the O`Toole`s Durham Conservatives have remained on horseback since 2004, several other ridings in the Greater Toronto Area last year were important battlegrounds.