Learning Agreement Frist

The deadlines for submitting applications from higher education institutions apply here. In this case, you will have to pay the tuition yourself. Not all higher education institutions accept freemovers, some only accept students in exchange for partner universities. You can usually read it on the university`s website. The application period is set for mid-January for studies abroad during the following winter and summer semesters. In July, there will be only one allocation of places for the following summer semester. Please note the exact time frames. The time it takes to apply varies from country to country. The deadlines and the process of applications are available on the pages of the International Office. The four-week deadline is a benchmark recommended by the European Commission. If your final compilation of courses does not occur until after the four weeks have expired, you can also send us the Learning Agreement in time. It is important that you are satisfied with your choice of courses (using the full time allocated by the host university) and that, given the high administrative burden, only one change form should be completed as much as possible. Most disciplines have their own Erasmus partner universities, for which you can get more information from your interlocutors in the faculties.

The deadline for submitting applications online for Erasmus stays is 31 January each year (the mathematics department has different application deadlines). If the two universities are exchange programmes requiring an apprenticeship agreement (Erasmus programme, Themis programme in Europe or Swiss-European Mobility Programme), please contact two apprenticeship agreements, one for the first semester of exchange at a partner university, one for the second semester of exchange at the other host university. The second apprenticeship agreement must first be submitted by the deadline for the summer semester (autumn).