Sam`s Club Mobile Secondary Retail Agreement

$2 TO $700 CREDIT WITH TRADE-IN OFFER: Limited time offer. Select only the locations. Requires activation of a new line or upgrade of an existing line to get up to $700 off eligible devices with an eligible smartphone exchange with a trade in value of at least $95 usd or up to $350 on an eligible device with a number of eligible smartphones with a trade-in value of at least $35 USD. Req`s Purch. the new eligible smartphone on the eligible 0% APR rate plan (30 mos.up up to $46.67/month). Other instalment payment options may be available and vary by location. If you purchase with the AT&T rate plan with Next Up, the customer is responsible and does not receive credits for an additional $5/month for the Next Up upgrade feature. $0 Down only for well-qualified customers, or down payment may be required and depends on a variety of factors. The maximum discount does not exceed the reduction in the cost of the equipment or the maximum credit for which you are entitled under this offer. Eligible Smartphones: After all credits, you will receive Apple: iPhone XS, XR 64Gb/128GB, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max (price up to $1400) for a discount up to $700. Tax on the full sale price due at the time of sale.

Req`d Wireless: Postpaid unlimited language and data (min. $65/month, if new with autopay and paperless invoice remittance. Pay $75/mo. until the discount starts with 2 invoices. Existing customers can add the current unlimited plan if they are allowed, which may be less). Eligible Plans: Unlimited &More, Unlimited & More Premium, Unlimited Plus, Unlimited Plus, Unlimited Choice, Unlimited Choice Enhanced, Unlimited Choice II, Unlimited Double Play, Unlimited Value Plan, Unlimited Elite, Unlimited Extra, Unlimited Starter, Unlimited 55+, Unlimited Elite w/ HBO Max, Unlimited Mixed Match. For unlimited plans, Video ltd can be at SD. Speed, use and others restr.

See for current unlimited plans. If you cancel Wireless, the credits are stopped and owe an equipment credit of up to $1400. For new lines, if you cancel service on another line within 90 days of activating the line as part of this offer, credits are terminated. Activation/upgrade fee: $30. Return: return in 14 days. There may be a restocking fee of up to $55 USD. Add`l Terms for Customers with Subscribers Acct Paid User: The minimum wireless service for these customers is $28.50/mo. Elig. Inside account: only authorized devices.

You can find a list of authorized devices in The community of ins and out there must be in good condition. The minimum trade value of 95$US of Req for $700 (or at least $35 for $350 for $350 $US) and meet the requirements of the AT&T Trade In program. It must be an act of parenthesis. Smartphone on a participating site and full commissioning within 30 days of activation of the new phone. This is not an early upgrade program. The payment device may not be included in the existing instalment payment plan. Other Obligations: Payment does not waive AT&T instalment payment obligations or other AT&T return and exchange programs, including returns of newly acquired devices, warranty, or extended warranty. Devices that need to be returned through these AT&T programs should not be redeemed through this offer.

If the redemption value of the device is higher than the one you are entitled to under the offer, you can get a one-time payment credit (value via instant credit or promo card) instead of this charged credit offer. In you will find the conditions and whether your device is justified. Account Credit: Credits start with 3 invoices. Receives catch-up credits as soon as the credits begin. Applied monthly on the same amounts over the entire lifetime and does not exceed the lower amount of the cost of the equipment or the maximum amount of eligible credit as defined above. Wireless Line must be on a payment contract in instalments, active and in good condition for 30 days to qualify. Payment in instalments begins when the device is shipped. To get all the credits, the device must remain on agmt for the entire lifetime and you must keep the authorized service for the duration of the payout on the device…