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In Canada, IRS responsibilities are divided into three separate units. The Board of Directors of the Secretariat of Canada is the body responsible for defining the IRC`s promotion strategies and strategies. In this regard, she works closely with World Affairs Canada, which is responsible for negotiating bilateral, multilateral and multilateral trade agreements, and with the Standards Council of Canada, the body responsible for coordinating national and international standardization activities. The three organizations have established close links to ensure a consistent vision and practice of the IRC. Approaches to mutual recognition are directly seen as a useful tool both by the Mexican Ministry of Economy, which has several agreements with its North American neighbours, Canada and the United States, and by compliance assessment agencies, which have entered into numerous agreements with peers around the world in the specific area of electrical safety. Unfortunately and not unique for the country, there is limited evidence of the implementation/use of recognition to facilitate market entry and trade and other effects of these agreements. Conduct negotiations on free trade agreements, including GRPs and IRCs, with the support of TBS. The Mexican authorities are strongly prepared to cooperate at the international level, both politically and technically, on whether they are receiving information on their regulatory approaches, disseminating Mexican know-how or more explicitly harmonizing the rules. Nevertheless, many initiatives remain manifestations of political cooperation with limited monitoring, partly due to the lack of concrete commitments from the outset and a rare control of implementation. Limited monitoring also means that there is no evidence of the impact of these agreements. Strengthen compliance assessment and Mexican infrastructure to enforce legislation to give confidence to domestic consumers and strengthen the confidence of foreign partners in implementation.

In the end, this could lead to the conclusion of other mutual recognition agreements and agreements. On 9 June 2020, the appeal body of the World Trade Organization (WTO) issued a final ruling confirming that the simple packaging of Australia`s tobacco products is fully compatible with the WTO agreements5.