When Two Or More Come Into Agreement

God`s love and faithfulness are eternal, and His mercy is new every day. Let us love as He loves, forgives, forgives, seeks justice and loves mercy, and enjoy His many blessings as we treat things in the Lord`s way. His path is always the best. In the context of what this verse says, God gives His seal of approval when this process is followed. Note that Jesus gives the author four chances to make amends. These are many more possibilities than most of us would give. But that`s the protocol you follow when you have a problem with someone in the Church. But what does the reversal of this interpretation mean? If only one person were present, wouldn`t God be there? Surely no one believes it (I hope). But if we twist this passage in this way, that`s what it implies. 34. And his master was angry and handed him over to the squalls – more than prison guards; The severity of the treatment that, in his view, such a case required.

until he pays for everything he is entitled to….